What We Know About Human Pheromones


In 1986, Winnifred Cutler discovered human pheromones via a controlled scientific study. As the founder of the Athena Institute, Cutler and her associates also wanted to prove whether or not pheromones actually worked. During this time, it was discovered that pheromones are chemicals that impact things outside of the human body. They can be linked to various human behaviors and are similar to sex, alarm and food trail pheromones.

How Human Pheromones Work

The following are more facts that can help you better understand how pheromones work :

Humans detect pheromones via the vomeronasal organ

The VNO is a part of the human olfactory system, and it is located inside of the nose. Although some believe humans have a VNO, they don’t believe it serves a purpose. But studies prove that the VNO has a purpose. It detects pheromones and works as a receptor. It looks for nice smelling scents.

Even at birth, humans can detect pheromones

Babies are closely attached to their mothers. When strangers attempt to hold them, they cry. This is because babies are unfamiliar with the person who is holding them. Research shows that a baby is attracted to clothing worn by its mother because of her smell. As a result, it is believed that people choose their partners by sniffing for those who have the same compatible immune systems.

Males and females choose partners based upon their pheromones

How do people pick their mates? Numerous studies have been conducted on this subject. Is the choice based upon pheromones or hormones? For example, you might fall in love with a guy who has a beard, but you hate beards. How does this happen? It’s probably because you’re attracted to his pheromones.

On the flip side, he’ll probably be more attracted to you if you’re fertile. This is because fertile women give off more pheromones. Men pick up on these invisible signals and know that you’re basically in heat.

What The Research Says

It’s hard to believe, but human pheromones work based upon scientific principles. This includes production, transmission and reception by the opposite sex. But this discussion isn’t based upon biology or human physiology. There are other articles that tackle how pheromones work based upon biology. This article explains how pheromones work via personal sociological and psychological experiences.

Numerous blindfold studies were conducted where attractive women detected the scents of not so attractive men. These women usually pick a mate based upon scent and not looks. In general, the men wearing pheromones in these studies are never chosen. Why does this happen? I will attempt to explain why pheromone users are never picked.

When people walk into a room, they emit an aura. They can give off vibes that range from the mean, friendly or anywhere in between. If you smile, you’re telling everyone that you’re a friendly person. Others will find you more approachable. What does it say if you frown instead? Chances are, no one will want to interact with you. So, body language plays a huge role in how people react to you. The same logic applies to pheromones. Learn more at https://pheromones-work.weebly.com

Wearing Pheromone Colognes and Perfumes

Most pheromone products claim they can make the opposite sex adore you. Sometimes this is true, if those products actually contain pheromones. However, pheromone products are not magic potions. They only enhance the qualities that you already have.

For instance, if you are a loser without a job, then pheromones won’t make you appealing to women who don’t like unemployed men. You’ll never become a prince charming to these women. You already have a quality that they despise.

There are also pheromone products that say they can make you look like a respected alpha male. But if you look like a scared mouse when walking into a room, no pheromone product on earth can make others view you as a masculine man. However, if you’re already a confident man with a killer smile, wearing a pheromone cologne will enhance these wonderful qualities. You’re going to stand out in the crowd, even when there are other attractive men in the room.

This is the power of pheromones. They make you look good when you’ve already got great qualities. If you project a certain image, pheromones will help to solidify that image and provide sexuality to boot. Learn more about pheromone questions and answers.

Did you know strippers use pheromone products to get more tips? Pickup artists use them as well. So, do pheromones work? Yes, they do? But they are not going to do all the work for you. You must have good qualities to build upon.

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