What Pheromones Can Do For Your Love Life

This may possibly shock you, but there is a group of fragrance products that could be considered aphrodisiacs. You may have heard of the use of pheromones in popular colognes and perfumes.

What Are Pheromones

Pheromones are the chemicals produced by the body that are released usually through sweat glands and are designed to be attractive to the opposite sex. A new study, however, shows that these pheromones work for homosexuals as well.

It helps to support the theory many scientists believe in, that homosexuality is something that a person is born to versus something that a person chooses

When a person identifies as a homosexual they find the pheromones produced by their own sex to be attractive. Women will find the pheromones produced by women attractive; men will find the ones produced by men attractive. These chemical messengers work the same way as they do for heterosexual people.

How They Work

The first step to understanding how they work is understanding exactly what pheromones are and how they work. These are chemicals released by the body that create social responses within a group. Most animals use pheromones for a variety of purposes including flight and fight response. These chemicals are also used by insects such as ants to leave food trails.

The most commonly known ones in humans, however, are the sex pheromones. These molecules are designed to attract a mate. It comes across as a natural scent that is picked up but is not like perfume or cologne. It is more an unconsciously recognized scent that attracts members of the opposite or in the case of gay pheromones same sex.


A typical man today will produce insignificant amounts of the chemicals responsible for sexual attraction. This is how the idea of the pheromone perfume came into existence. Several of these perfumes have been studied clinically and the experiments confirm their efficiency.

The easiest tests check the manner in which a pheromone perfume affects the vomeronasal organ. A perfume that is incapable of provoking a response will be 100 percent inefficient in attracting ladies. Shopping around before making a purchase is essential for satisfaction with the product.

University of Pennsylvania scientists carried out an experiment to discover the manner in which male pheromones affect women. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Biology of Reproduction.

A group of women aged 25 to 45 was exposed to a male pheromone extract. All of the women reported an improvement in mood and a feeling of relaxation. Additionally, the researchers found out that male pheromones stimulate women to produce more luteinizing hormone, the one that triggers ovulation. Learn more about the science of pheromones.

McClintock Effect

The McClintock Effect is the best-known study on human pheromone interaction. In the study, women were exposed to a whiff of sweat from other women. In each case, the scent of other women had a decided effect on menstrual cycles, depending on when the sweat was collected.

Women are already aware of this effect whether they realize what it is called or not, they know that when a group of women congregates regularly their menstrual cycles will synchronize.


Manufacturers have spent decades synthesizing these powerful chemicals to add to their products. Perfumes, colognes and body sprays often claim to contain human sex hormones, or at least their synthetic versions. The power of smell is definitely undeniable as is already evidenced by the multi-billion dollar cologne industry and when you add a few pheromones to the mix as well; the results could be quite impressive.

The Truth About Pheromones

I am not suggesting that human pheromones will turn you into a sexual goddess. However, there are colognes with pheromones which have been scientifically demonstrated to boost attraction from the opposite sex.

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