The X4 Labs Penis Extender Review

X4 Labs

The X4 Labs penis extender is a medically engineered device designed to provide men with a safe non-surgical method to enhance their penis size and also cure Peyronies disease (curvature of the penis). Recent research clinically has proven that this penis extender can dramatically increase the size of your penis and correct curvature by up to 90%. Many leading doctors around the world are recommending the x4 labs device to their patients because it works so well.

Should You Buy X4 Labs?

The x4 Labs Extender is without a doubt one of the best devices of its kind on the market. Really, if we are being honest there is very little difference between this extender and the other market leaders in Sizegenetics and Fastsize Extender. It is a newer device without the respected history of the other 2 devices. Having said that though it is still medically certified and backed by international doctors approval.

The real clincher for this one is its hybrid strap support. It enables you to choose from either the classic noose strap or the more modern comfort strap. Bother offer similar functionality in the way they extend the penis, but different people find each one most comfortable. It’s almost like having 2 different type of extenders for the one price.

You can also split the payment over 3 months which is a great addition. If money is tight and you cant afford to pay upfront then you are able to partially pay for the device while receiving it upfront. A good benefit for the budget conscious. In short, this is a great extender which is at a similar price point to the top of the range models. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you decide on this device.

How Does the X4 Labs Extender Work

The science behind the X4 Labs Penis Extender is what is known in the medical profession as traction. The actual definition for traction is ‘the use of a system of weights and pulleys to gradually change the position or size of a bone, ligament or tissue’. What this essentially means is that certain parts of the body can be stretched to achieve the desired result. AN example of this is the common image of a traction device used on a broken leg or small rings used to stretch out earlobes.

Over the last few decades, these principles have been used for several different medical needs and procedures. Over the last decade, the connection was made to this same system and penis enlargement. Doctors discovered that the same principals they had been using in other procedures could be applied to the penis in order to help it grow. Thus, the x4 Labs extender was born.

The team of researchers at x4 Labs have tweaked and improved the treatment and have come out the other end with a great enlargement device that is sure to make even the most modest male boast about his new larger penis.


Throughout most of the 1990’s their research team worked exclusively on this one particular issue and were able to achieve gains of between 20% – 30% in almost all patients over periods as small as 2 months. The small amounts of stretching applied to the penis through the device allow regeneration of skin cells which are capable of increasing both length and girth of the penis.

Over the past decade, X4 Labs has continuously worked to improve the design features of our original traction device. The new Hybrid Support System is a medical triumph allowing for improved traction and increased growth.

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