SizeGenetics Personal Review 2018


SizeGenetics System is a superior product and we highly recommend that you use it if you plan on ordering an effective penis enlargement device. Although it costs a little more than other devices, it is a great value because of all the resources it includes and the superior device itself with its 16-Way Comfort Technology. Our best recommendation is the SizeGenetics Ultimate System. When using a discount code, you will pay $339.85.

SizeGenetics Ultimate Package

Driven to perform, SizeGenetics penis extender is a medical apparatus only meant for men with serious intentions. It is equipped with technologically savvy components made from medical grade materials that provide the utmost comfort and traction during use. With over 16 ways to wear the device, every man can choose how to wear and alter its fit as treatment progresses.

Why It Is A Good Value

Even if you don’t intend to use the Penis Health Exercises or the included E-books and video guides, it is still the best value for your money because of the superior extender device. We want to keep our SizeGenetics review actual and up to date so please contact us if you have tried SizeGenetics and didn’t like it, have any questions, need any personal advice, or have any new ideas for penis enlargement. We will be happy to answer your questions and research any ideas you have.  Learn more at

SizeGenetics Review

I could hardly believe it.  All this time working on my dick with SizeGenetics, finally having a larger penis, brimming with confidence about meeting women, and then, in the end, it’s a girl who hits on me.  I guess that’s what confidence does for you.  I mean, I’m okay looking, I guess, but I’m no film star.  She told me later that she liked me because I looked as if I was comfortable in my skin.  And by that time, thanks to Size Genetics, I was.

So it was on the office roof that I actually kissed a girl for the very first time.  It’s got to have been one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me.  I was instantly rock hard, so hard and so excited that I was worried I’d cream my jeans.  But fortunately, all the SizeGenetics exercises I’d been doing while I was growing my dick had taught me better control than that and I managed to contain myself.

My Results After 6 Months

Of course, we didn’t really want to do anything more than kiss up there on the roof, in case anyone else came out for air, but it was obvious that she had a lot more in mind.  She asked me if I lived near the office, and I told her I didn’t and eventually it turned out that I lived pretty close to her apartment.  “So,” she said, “Your place or mine?” We decided to go to her place.

And that was when I knew that my quest was over. SizeGenetics had done everything they promised me and more. I had started that year as a geeky antisocial virgin with a small dick and hand ended it as a confident, competent branch manager who had just had about 36 straight hours of Long weekend-perfect wild sex with a beautiful blonde. When I thought back about it, everyone at the party had wanted to go home with Paula, but she had chosen me. Almost as if she had known.


She’s been right of course. Even though I didn’t really have any criteria for what good sex was, there was no doubt in my mind that it included what we had been doing during that weekend. And it’s not just my bigger dick. I think I came at least ten times during that 36 hours, and each time I was hard again within minutes, ready for more. Paula was right to be impressed. So it wasn’t just the size of my penis that SizeGenetics had transformed, it had also given me these rock hard long-lasting erections. It had given me staying power. This was real penis enhancement and nobody does it better than SizeGenetics.

As I drove home that afternoon I was thinking back over the past year and how it had culminated in this amazing weekend. And again I was so glad that I had discovered SizeGenetics, just in the nick of time.

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