Pheromone Colognes Can Make You Desirable

pheromone colognes work

Pheromones are just surging everywhere. However, a pheromone is something we don’t really smell. There’s no odor but the very interesting thing about pheromones that I like is that it’s one of the ways we meet a potential mate. When you meet a person meet or a potential mate, you can tell by your attraction level whether they have pheromones or their pheromones, are so much like yours that they’re not attractive to you.

How Pheromone Chemistry Works

In other words, if I had a brother and he’s making tons of pheromones, it is not attracted to me because he has the same genes as I do. Therefore I am not going to be attracted to that. But I will be attracted to a very different pheromone which is quite different than I am. Opposites attract because it’s a different genetic background. And we were made to mix genetics and not inbreed.

So when they used to say loves about chemistry, what science has learned is that it’s about pheromones and the attractive piece is subtle and nuanced and very discreet.

Just walking by, when our head turns in part, it’s because we’re picking up pheromonal signals that say, “I am a mature male or female and I am breedable, are you interested in me?” And then there are other things that factor in like beauty, our society’s definition of beauty and so on, but that chemistry happens spontaneously and instantly and subtly. And that’s why it’s hard to date online because you can’t get the pheromones over the computer.

How Pheromone Colognes and Perfumes Work

It is believed that pheromones are emitted from the sweat and pores of the human body and detected in the brain of others. This explains why you may feel differently when meeting potential mates.

If presented with two potential mates that both look similar and fit your preferences for mates, you may feel an undeniable attraction to one and nothing for the other. It is believed that you are detecting pheromones from that one mate that piques your interest in their direction.

How To Test Pheromone Products

Pheromone products, such as colognes, are designed to introduce strong pheromones into the human system for the benefit of attracting potential mates. Men are the primary users of these products today, but women are starting to use them in greater numbers as well.

These users believe that they appear more attractive to others when they are wearing these products. The scent goes to the brain of others, sending signals that they have specific features, such as strength, dominance, and aggressiveness.

If you are curious about pheromone products, there is enough research to validate a personal experience with a high-quality product featuring the right pheromone. You have to determine the type of pheromone that will send the signals you want to give out, and then find a product that features that pheromone.

Wear it consistently for at least a few weeks before you decide whether it is benefiting your love life or not. Learn more about what are the best pheromones.

You cannot expect that every woman or man in existence will be crawling all over you if you wear a pheromone cologne or lotion. You should see heightened attention from some potential mates, which is the sign that they are picking up on the scent you are giving out. It is still up to you to seal the deal and turn that heightened interest into something more substantial.

Proof They Work

Whether you are inclined to believe that pheromones exist or not, you have to admit that there is substantial evidence for their existence. Studies have been published throughout this century showing that pheromones are at work with humans as well as many other species.

For example, Nature magazine published a study that revealed drastic changes in mice when they were injected with pheromones. Nursing female mice were far more aggressive toward intruders with the pheromones than without them. Male mice changed their sexual behaviors drastically when there were pheromones at play as well.

This is just one study of many that have tackled this subject. Many species of animals have shown a natural reaction and change in behavior when presented with pheromones. This is why so many people believe that behavior can also be changed in humans when pheromones are at play.

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