Pheroline Review


In this article, I review Pheroline pheromone cologne.

How It’s Made

Pheroline has a high concentration of synthesized human pheromones in it. It was created in one of the world’s best scientific labs from alcohol, water and minerals. It is made with the highest standards possible. It is then put into bottles, placed in discreet packaging and stored in humidity-controlled facilities until it is shipped to you.

How to Use Pheroline

Since Pheroline is a pheromone cologne, use it as you would other pheromone colognes. Apply it on recommended body pulse spots in order to get the best results. Do not spritz more than two to three drops of cologne at a time.

How Does Pheroline Work?

pherolinePheromones are always mentioned in places such as The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The Learning Channel or the National Geographic Channel. What are they? They are hormones produced and emitted by animals and humans.

They don’t have an actual smell, but they trigger responses in others who come into contact with hem. The brain subconsciously detects them and transmits different types of information. Many of them tend to trigger sexual arousal and attraction in members of the opposite sex.

When you use the right pheromones, it’s easier to get a sexual response from women, and they won’t even realize that it’s happening.

Pheromones are clumped into a chemical sensing category known as olfaction. This refers to the way that we sense smells. But many believe that pheromones are detected and processed by an accessory olfactory system, which is known as the Vomeronasal System in mammals.

This is where the vomeronasal pits in the nose are located. The Vomeronasal Organ sits at the bottom.

Nerve signals are sent to the VNO bulbs, which is the section of the brain that processes info relayed by pheromones. This usually leads to a response. A majority of pheromone signals go to the hypothalamus.

Sometimes the sensory cells in the nose are considered an extension of the brain because of how signals are processed and their location. There are several reviews of Pheroline online worth reading.

Pheroline Formula

There are many different types of pheromones, and Pheroline contains the three most common human pheromones found in colognes:


Both females and males excrete this pheromone; however, it is mostly believed to be a male pheromone. This is because it triggers dominance and aggression in men. It gives the wearer an alpha aura and makes that person the center of attention. Androstenone is said to produce a strong sexual vibe. It also makes people behave respectfully around the wearer.


This pheromone gives off a friendly vibe. It makes the wearer appear more approachable. Wear it and notice how people become chatty, empathetic and romantic around you. It also gives you a more youthful, healthy and fit vibe, and that is very attractive to others. Not only does it make people friendlier towards you, but it also makes them more sexually aroused too. Alpha-androstenol is often called an ice-breaker pheromone.


This pheromone has a specific impact on women. One study shows that it affects the brain’s attention and social cognition sections. It is also the only pheromone that has been proven to stimulate the VNO.

Androstadienone is also called the A1 pheromone. It has the power to make women feel better and get rid of PMS stress. In addition, it makes people more intimate and comfortable. It is often called the love pheromone because of the way it makes women feel. Use it when you’re in close intimate relationships.

In Conclusion

It has been proven that pheromones can trigger a subconscious, biological response in women. They do not have an odor, but they are detected consciously via the nose. Considering that women have a better sense of smell, they can detect male pheromones very quickly. When this happens, they are usually very attracted to the wearer and want to flirt, talk and get close.

Women can’t tell when a man is wearing pheromones, but when triggered, pheromones can bring out strong sexually feelings in women. Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt a strong chemistry? Yes, this feeling is very rare. But when it happens, there are probably pheromones involved.

Pheromones work to make women desire you. It makes them want to get closer to you. Wear them and you’ll see stronger eye contact from women. They’ll want to be in your presence longer and learn all about you. Wear pheromones and you will see a huge difference in how women react to you.

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