Penis Exercises You Can Perform at Home

Jelqing 101

With the Erect Stretch, you stretch using the erect tissues of your penis. Many men have claimed this exercise has helped to lengthen their penis. When you are doing this, be sure you remain cautious. These are high-intensity exercises and should only be done with a conditioned penis. Until you have been exercising for six months, don’t attempt this exercise.

Erection Level: 95%
Recommended Reps: 5

How to do the Exercise:

1. Grab your penis below the head and stretch outward for around 15 – 20 seconds. Don’t do it with vigor just a stretch you ease into.

2. Repeat in all other directions.
Exercise: Rotating Stretch
A rotating stretch with step-by-step instructions

Jai Stretch

1. Take your penis and gently stretch it for 2 seconds.

2. Keep holding it and release the stretch for 2 seconds.

3. Repeat until you reach a desirable number of reps.

Jai Stretching Tips

Take time to focus on your breathing instead of counting, and listen to your breath to determine lengths. Inhale for what you consider two seconds and exhale for two seconds. This can help the process from becoming too tedious.

Only Pull Gently. The process is supposed to be a light and quick stretch that lasts no more than two seconds. If you over do the basic stretch is won’t be as effective for you.

Erect Bend

Warning: This is a high-intensity exercise and should be done with extreme caution. There have been reports of injuries done to men who were at 100% erection state. Practice standard exercises for six months before you proceed to do this exercise.

Erection Level: 90% – 95% (do not do this exercise 100% erect).

Recommended Reps: 1 to 3

Erect Bend Step-by-Step

1. In Hand One: Grip your penis at the base with an OK grip.

2. In Hand Two: Gently push down the penis for 10 – 15 seconds. If you feel any pain, stop.

3. Repeat this bend in all directions.

Tip! Smaller bends work better at the start, and you don’t have to go major all at once. Know your limits and maintain them.

Penis Stretching

After you have warmed up you can begin your penis exercises. Like any workou,t you must start with stretching. The process of penis stretching is the older form of penis exercises and essential to any routine. Many of the advantaged exercises are designed to enhance the length of your penis from stretching alone.

Step By Step Penis Stretching

1. Grab your penis below the head and pull downward, do this for about 30 seconds.

2. Repeat this process in all directions, right, left, up, and straight out. Each direction should be held for 30 seconds.

Faq’s About Penis Stretching

1. How hard should I be pulling when I am stretching?

Your goal is to only pull as hard as it takes to stretch the penis tissues, and not hard enough to cause pain. The process will take some trial and error. First you mild stretch and as the weeks go on increase your level on intensity.

2. What should I be feeling when stretching?

As you stretch you might feel different things. During the process of and slightly after you might feel a sense of tingling. There may also be some itchiness and even some fatigue. If you have these, you are on the right track to success. Men also have reported some burning during their workout, similar to a high intensity work out.

If you feel nothing don’t worry. There are a number of men who don’t feel the actual effects for some time. Just be certain you don’t feel pain, this would mean you were too intense if you did. Learn more at

3. How soon should I add different types of stretches?

Adding new and more advanced techniques in your stretching is a great idea to help you increase your intensity. Some of these can be done right away, but others should only occur when you have become more familiar with proper stretching. It is best to wait several months and take the time to review information about the process of penis stretching.

4. Does it matter where I grip when I am stretching?

As long as you don’t grab your penis head, you can find that this process works. If you grip the penis head to do this you will not only hurt yourself but become susceptible to some serious injury. The penis head is a very sensitive part of the body, and by grabbing it below that area you are reducing the risk for injury. Often it is best to aim for about an inch below the actual head.

Tips for Penis Stretching

  • When you are doing these stand or sit, just be comfortable.
  • For the first three to six months only stretch in a flaccid state. Avoiding doing this fully erect as it can be a bit riskier.
  • When you stretch you might notice red dots. These are completely normal and not a cause for alarm.
  • This process can be done barehanded or with aids. You can consider baby powder, gloves, or fabric you might find for weightlifting.

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