How To Boost Your Sperm Volume


In this article, I reveal how to increase your sperm count.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

While it’s been common to assume that infertility will only concern mostly the female population, there have been indications that the percentage of males affected have reached up to 40%. Common causes which can bring about male fertility issues may range from low sperm count, poor sperm quality or low ejaculate volume. It is imperative for men to consider effective ways on how to increase sperm amount while preserving sperm health.

Most men will only take the time caring about their reproductive health either when they are ready to start a family, or when they are having trouble during sex. It’s important to note that this shouldn’t be the case. You are missing a whole lot in your life when you start taking care of your sexual health a little too late. Do you know that if you can maximize your semen volume and increase cum amount during sex, not only will you amplify the intensity of your orgasm, but you will also allow your woman to reach greater sexual satisfaction?

How To Boost Sperm

Now, let’s take a look at what you can do to improve your sexual function, increase cum amount and boost sperm production. Some effective solutions may range from a simple lifestyle change, a healthy diet or some natural medications. Read on to find out more about these recommended techniques and pick one that’s best suitable for you.

Stay away from bad habits. Remember it’s not only your sperm count that is the deciding factor affecting your ability to reproduce; sperm health, viability, and motility are important factors as well.  Minimizing alcohol intake and giving up tobacco smoking will definitely promote your overall good health and improve your chances to increase cum amount and protect sperm quality.

Eat as many natural foods as you can. Studies show that processed and junk foods impair production of healthy and sperm. You may choose to include foods high in protein, vitamins and low in fat in your daily diet.

Avoid prolonged exposure to hot surroundings. Heat is the enemy of your semen and sperm. They will not survive for long while exposed to a hot environment. What you can do is opt to wear loose clothing like jeans and trousers, and trade your ill-fitting briefs to boxers.

Another proven alternative to increasing cum amount is a daily dosage of natural herbal supplements. These pills, popularly known as semen volume enhancers, will not only maximize your ejaculate volume but will also promote overall male sexual function. They are endorsed by most medical professionals as a healthy supplement to address the growing need of male enhancement industry. Learn more at

Why You Should Boost Your Sperm Volume

Do you know that if you can increase your cum, you can experience orgasms so intensified and forceful it can drive your woman into shameless abandon? Bigger semen loads produce more contractions needed for the extra ejaculate to be released.

Aside from this heightened sexual experience, another significant motivation to increase your cum will be faster recovery between orgasms. The extra loads of semen can sustain you even during more frequent ejaculations. Hard to believe? You can start by simply following a few simple steps and you’re on your way to impressing your lady with your endurance and improved sexual appetite!

Women may not admit this but they all secretly desire their men to have unmatched sexual prowess. Some of them simply can’t get enough that it’s a challenge to even just keep up. This is why medical professionals continuously research and formulate different products that offer to help men enhance their sexual lives.

A specific product, like semen volume enhancer, is a specially formulated herbal pill guaranteed to boost sperm production and increase your cum. It is the newest solution aimed not only to maximize your semen loads but to improve male fertility as well according to

While it’s not only about sexual performance to try to maximize your sperm volume, it’s also an important factor for couples trying to get pregnant. Tried going to fertility clinics, with no apparent progress in conceiving? Taking a daily pill to increase your cum and protect sperm health can go a long way to improve male fertility.

No need for expensive medical procedures. You can do this while incorporating a few other lifestyle changes, too. Eat a well-balanced diet and avoid smoking and use of recreational drugs. Minimize alcohol consumption and exercise regularly.


Whatever reason you may have, whether it’s about enhanced sexual performance or to improve chances of conception, it’s never too late start. Follow these easy steps to increase your cum and improve your overall quality of life!

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