Clinically Proven Permanent Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement has definitely progressed. Today’s products are better than ever, but what’s the best permanent penis enlargement? Let’s go over some of the various methods of penis enlargement males are using today.

Temporary Penis Enlargement Methods:

Pumps, patches, and penis pills all claim to provide permanent results. These methods have no clinical proof to back them up, however. Since these methods can’t give permanent penis size gains, none of these are recommended as the best permanent penis enlargement.

Clinically Proven Permanent Penis Enlargement:

Right now there are three different proven ways to achieve a permanently bigger penis. These are penis surgery, exercises, and the penile traction device. Let’s briefly discuss each one and see if we can figure out which method really provides the best permanent penis enlargement.

Some Info About Penis Enhancement Surgery:

The main advantage of this method is that you can have your bigger penis in the time it takes to complete the surgery, usually a few hours. But there are many things to consider with penile enlargement surgery. Full article click here.

Penis enlargement surgery is by far the most expensive method. And also the riskiest. Patients are given no guarantees and are usually left disappointed by the results.

Penile enlargement surgery is still very risky and quite expensive. Why wait 6 weeks when you could be using your bigger penis the entire time if you use a penis extender. For starters, it requires 2 separate medical procedures. The first involves cutting the suspensory ligament which attaches the penis to the pelvic bone.

After that heals up, another operation is then required to add girth to your penis. That usually means having fat injected into your penis. That’s why penile surgery is definitely not the best permanent penis enlargement.

A Look At Penis Enlargement Exercises:

Penis exercises have been used by Arabic men for a very long time. This tradition has been passed down from father to son for many years. Their main exercise, the jelq, is a staple in virtually every penis exercise program.

Many men report permanent penis size gains in both length and girth by practicing a quality exercise program. Penis enlargement exercises have clinical proof to back them up also.

However, there are also a couple of drawbacks. One is staying motivated. Since penis size gain plateaus are reached easily with exercises they must be constantly changed up to keep the size gains moving forward.

Also, some guys just get fed up with having to manually “do the work” themselves. And there are issues about keeping the level of erection required to do the penis exercises properly. A good example is that the jelq works best when the penis is around 70-80% erect. So penis enlargement exercises can be effective penis enlargement, however, due to the speed of penis size gains, they are not the best permanent penis enlargement.

Penis Extenders Or Traction Devices:

Clinically proven to lengthen the penis. Traction devices really only have one disadvantage in that the device must be worn for an extended period each day. However, a quality penis extender will provide the biggest gains in penis size faster than any penis exercises can bring.

The issue of having to wear one for hours at a time is easily tackled when you get the penis traction device with the most comfortable retaining system. This is where we recommend SizeGenetics & its new exclusive comfort technology. Learn more at

Therefore we must conclude by saying that a penis extender or traction device is the best permanent penis enlargement available right now. It’s when this is combined with a high-quality penis exercise program that you can really see significant gains in penis size – measurable in inches.

Again, we recommend SizeGenetics. Complete system includes clinically proven penis exercise program PenisHealth. The two combined are guaranteed to give you a bigger penis faster and safer than any other method.

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