Best All-Natural Penis Enlargement Pills of 2018

With lots of penis pills popping up each week it’s difficult to keep up to speed with the latest products and even more difficult to conclude which product is the best.  With many years of experience, we know which of these pills will do exactly as they advertise and which pills to stay away from. Read the reviews on our website and decide for yourself.

My name is Mike and me have been a natural herbalist for over 20 years. With this vast experience, I can guide you through this minefield of products giving you the best possible advice on the best and the worst of the products.  I am perfectly qualified to give you exactly the information you need about the key ingredients in these penis enlargement pills. Read through the reviews to find out more. Learn more at

Best Penis Enlargement Pills

Once a firm favorite amongst the best penis pills. Natural Gain plus has earned its reputation over a number of years. Although the product has taken a back step from the front runners this is basically down to the new products containing better and more ingredients. Still with an impressive 1145mg Natural Gain Plus can walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

The only downside I found with this product is not actually knowing how the 1145mg is actually divided. While the product contains a number of key ingredients I was also surprised to discover that it didn’t actually include some of the top ingredients recommended. Still, a formula that was perfected many years ago has seen many happy men not only increase there size but increase sexual performance also. Natural Gain Plus is still one to consider.

Vimax Pills

VimaxWith lots of reviews and recommendations, I was actually looking forward to getting these pills and reviewing the product.

Firstly there is a MASSIVE problem with these Vimax pills. Although all of the pills reviewed on this website have disclaimers as they are not FDA / health regulators approved the Vimax Pills is the only product I found to contain a banned ingredient.

What surprised me, even more, was how the banned ingredient “Dodder Seed” is actually included in the product because the Vimax only actually contains 213mg of any ingredients so how it comes to include this product is surprising. You can see the ingredients for Vimax here.

After speaking to the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ) they confirmed that any product containing Dodder Seed is prohibited from being sold in the UK and currently there is an ongoing investigation where a number of companies selling the Vimax pills are involved. Once The MHRA have concluded their investigation the product Vimax will be withdrawn from general sale to the UK.

So after reading the reply from the MHRA and by seeing for myself first hand the poor level of ingredients contained within the product Vimax I can only conclude yet again that the product behind lots of glossy advertising is very suspect and it is suggested to try another product.


SInrexOnce in a lifetime, there are penis enlargement pills that come along backed by fancy marketing and websites. These products just appear from nowhere and are ranked number one. The problem is these products are 100% definitely not rated number one. They are big scams that will see you lose your money and gain nothing from taking these products.

What’s more amazing is how these companies are getting away with selling these products at these extortionate prices. After checking the ingredients of the SinRex I was shocked to discover the complete blend of ingredients contained just 155mg of ingredients! 155mg!!!!! With ingredients, this low a product like Sinrex would struggle to help enhance a rats libido.

After the initial shock of realizing the poor ingredient content, I was even more amazed to find out this is the highest priced male enhancement pill on the market @ £55. Although the manufacturers are trying to hide this by suggesting you actually get 2 bottles for the £55.

Armed with this information I decided to look into this product a little further and found out some shocking information that anyone considering purchasing Sinrex should know. Firstly the manufactures website in Canada shows a completely different product from the one being advertised in the UK. From the packaging and the bottles to the ingredients inside the product.

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